Hello All!

Welcome to "Behind the Glass" with Looking Glass Girls!

Here I will displaying the highlights of our most current shoot projects with artwork, behind the scenes photos, video, and more!

This page will give you a look at some of our biggest and most productive shoots that we organize. We work with many talented people who's creativity and imagination add to the greatness of the overall outcome of our shoots, making it much more than just a day of posing and taking pictures.

Looking Glass Girls loves to push the envelope with what we bring to the table. We strive to make our shoots fun, exciting, creative, and professional. So here is a look at the production, people, and overall process that takes you through the looking glass and beyond!!

Thanks for viewing!



Behind the scenes photos from our LGG Assassins shoot, inspired by the movie "Sucker Punch".

"The making of ALICE"

This is a look at the creation of our most popular and beloved character, ALICE.

Special thanks to model, Danielle Bolander, and hairstylist/ makeup artist Meaghan Masterson aka "Axxis" for helping to make this shoot an AMAZING success!!


 A teaser video of one of our latest shoots "Assassins by LGG" shot by JCastillo Films.

Check out more of his amazing work here at http://www.jcastillofilms.com/films/


"The making of ALICE" video shot & edited by DynamiteInc Productions


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