Looking Glass Girls is now giving everyone the opportunity of booking their very own personalized Fantasy Photoshoots!!!

If you have ever dreamed of living in a world of fantasy and imagination, Looking Glass Girls Photography will provide you with not only the experience. But images that will capture that feeling, and artwork that will make it last a lifetime and beyond. 

Our whole philosophy is to "Be Who You Are, Even If It's Who You Are Not". Just as we did as children, playing pretend, or as an adult, daydreaming about those beloved fairytales we read as a child. You are NEVER too old to dream!! And here at Looking Glass Girls Photography, we make those dreams a REALITY!!!

Let your imagination run wild, be something you always wished you could be. Looking Glass Girls gives you that chance to BE THE FAIRYTALE!!

Please see our Contact page to submit your inquiry and get you started on building your very own Fantasy Photoshoot now!!

In here, anything goes, there are no limits, only endless possibilities. It all starts with an idea. We can take care of the rest.



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